In 2013 we introduced Scratch to the students of  class 6, 7 & 8 under able  guidance of our senior Mr. Ashok Sen Gupta.  It was a teaching and learning experience to me as I was teaching Scratch for the first time.

The idea behind introducing Scratch was to make  programming simple and fun to the students who are the first time programmers.

We tried to develop the student’ s  problem solving, logical-thinking, and creativity skills by helping  them to create Scratch projects on various topics.

Students were taught to use animations in Scratch by importing sprite from Scratch itself or creating characters using paint editor in it.

We helped students to develop their multimedia skills by drawing characters for their stories, downloading and editing images that they find on the internet, and importing or recording sounds or music for their stories.

Students from class 6th & 7th have really tried to create projects with creativity and innovation.  Since Scratch allows students to create projects that include elements of music, design, drawing, and dance.  Few students have created projects using animations and music of their choice to it.

While few have tried their hand in creating few educative projects with few slogans in it like save water, No smoking, Save earth, No plastic etc.

Students also created wonderful stories like Cunning Fox, The sour grapes, The foolish cow, The nightmare etc  by adding dialogues and background score it . By creating animations or interactive stories, they can develop their grammar, storytelling and creative writing abilities.

Few students have also put sincere efforts to create games like Help the needy, Pac Man, Foxy pong, Save from monster, Magic Mayor, Pick up bananas, Rapid roll etc. Students enjoyed doing it as they themselves could create games of their choice.

Students can upload the projects created by them and showcase it or share it to others in online community.

By  Saraswathi K V (Computer faculty)

K V No.1 Jalahalli, Bangalore

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