Scratch is a new animation program from which we can make some super games, animation, stories and many more and the games we make can be made on any topic for example we can make a car racing games, fighting game and etc. And stories with animation like the story of an adventurous boy etc. Animation are the coolest in this SCRATCH program and the animation can be like the unicorn painter in which the unicorn paints a fish net and many more animations which are super and awesome to watch and the games are also same like the animations. In SCRATCH we can make our own variable, we can insert sound in game or in any animation and we can also make our own background. And while saving our projects we can also write about the project in a box. We can also upload our projects in the web. But we think that the graphics can be better. But because of this reason this animation program cannot be waste, we Nitish and Navneeth think this program is the best animation program.

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