A Boon to computer
According to computer learners, masters etc. , scratch is nothing but a programming language . but as per my opinion scratch is a thing which fills one’s mind with unexpected thoughts , unlimited wishes , creativeness and above all interest in computer .
It makes one easy to create interactive stories games and animations and share our creation with others on web.
Scratch projects are made up of objects called sprites .from the name only we can derive that these objects have some spirit and we have to give them the life so that they can act accordingly .we can give instruction to a sprite, telling it to move or play music or react to other sprites. we can make a sprite look like a person or a train or a butterfly or anything else .
This is a program where one can pour his or her whole shower of creativeness, imagination and we can see and measure their limit of thinking.
Nowadays, all the games, animations and even some of the cartoon programs are made with the help of scratch only.
Listening the word scratch a person will immediately think of scratching the desktop or something like scribbling. but actually scratch is to mean to scratch our mind , imagination and thoughts and then pasting them on to this scratch program which is meant for this purpose only .
One of the best things I like about scratch is that we can turn our thoughts, imagination and the stories which are still in books to move.
At last I would just like to express my whole feeling about this program only in one line:-
Scratch is a perfect match to our mind.
-shraddha gole
Viii ‘c’

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