Scratch , the programming language was very new to me when I was taught by my teacher.  Later I found it very interesting and entertaining too.  Using Scratch, I got an opportunity to create my own things.

All these days we were learning boring applications like Notepad, MS Word, MS Paint etc.  But now we are learning a programming language that allows us to create  varieties of costumes, backgrounds and characters of our choice.

All children like cartoon, Now we have an opportunity to create our favourite cartoon characters and animate them.  I also tried to use my favourite cartoon character while creating games. I tried to create many costumes of my characters and created a project where all my character danced  to the music I created using the sound blocks. It  was really fun.

I created few car race games which was taught by Saraswathi mam.  I like it the most as games are my favourite.

By Sahana N

Class: 7 A

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