Scratch is an educational programming and multimedia tool that can be used by students, teachers and others for making educational projects, games, stories animations and other programmes. It can be used to help students understand concepts in science, mathematics, music etc in a more easy and interesting manner. Simple games can also be made with it. Scratch allows users to use event driven programming with multiple active objects called sprites. Sprites can be drawn either as vector or bitmap graphics from scratch in a simple editor that is a part of scratch or can be imported from external sources including webcam. Scratch is used school, museum, community centers, and in home. For example the younger children can create projects and the college students can use Scratch to make presentation. Scratch has two versions they are 1.4 and 2.0. The second version that is 2.0 has more facilities like it has more ability to make any sprite larger or smaller, it can add sprites from webcam and cam.
– Abhishek Jeason
Kendriya Vidyalaya No-1

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