I am happy that I was a student of this course. I feel that scratch is really a good software for children like me to study. This software help us to think innovative and then at last that same thinking will become a game, animation, stories, etc and the games or the animations we make are really interesting that even small children get ready to see them, hearing the name scratch children gather around the computer to see it. And also making of these project are a bit hard. But with the help of ShivaKami mam, making it is so easy that it is also like a child’s play for me. Even my parents are happy that I could study something new. They are happy that now I can not only play games but also make them.
From my bottom of my heart thank our beloved principal mam and our Shiva Kami mam for introducing this software in our school and then teaching us all about it.
Thank you
Kendriya Vidyalaya No.1

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