According to swami Vivekananda “Education must make a man conscious of his hidden powers. He is the immoral soul which is the treasure house of infinite power. All knowledge, he discover within himself, with this knowledge he works wonders. Man should, therefore have full confidence in himself and strive the highest goal of his life. Self confidence leads to self realization”.
We introduce Scratch programming language for the student of the classes VI, VII, VIII during this academic year 2013-14 in Kendriya Vidyalaya, Jalahalli No1 (west) under the guidance of our senior Mr. Ashok Sen Guptha
The programming language Scratch has been designed to help develop the nine learning skills in three areas
Area-1: Information and Communication Skills
1.Information and Media Literacy Skills
2. Communication Skills
Area-2: Thinking and Problem Solving Skills
3. Critical Thinking and Systems Thinking
4. Problem Identification, Formulation &solutions
5. Creativity and Intellectual Curiosity
Area-3: Interpersonal & Self-Directional Skills
6. Interpersonal and Collaborative Skills
7. Self-Direction
8. Accountability and Adaptability
9. Social Responsibility
With Scratch, we can program our own interactive stories, games, and animations — and share our creations with others in the online community. Students were taught to use different blocks of scratch by various topics to crate animations, stories and games
Our students were created wonderful animation & excellent stories with their great creativity. Scratch engages young people in choosing, manipulating, and integrating a variety of media in order to express themselves creatively. Creativity is a very important process which determines the progress and major advances in every field. All advances, inventions and adventures are made as a result of man’s ideas or creative process.

Our students were created amazing and interesting games with their intelligence. Intelligence is the ability solves the problems. A problem is an obstacle, a difficulty which is realised by the individual facing it. Scratch supports problem finding and solving in a meaningful design context. Creating Scratch games requires thinking of an idea, then figuring out how to break the problem into steps and implement them using Scratch programming blocks.
Our young pupil really enjoy to designing and programming games and animations. Our student’s best scratch projects were uploaded and showcase it and share to others in online community.
According to Rabindranath Tagore,” A teacher can never truly teach unless he is still learning himself. A lamp can never light another lamp unless it continues to burn its own flame”. It was really a great teaching and learning experience to me to teach young programmers. Scratch is very helpful in obtaining the active involvement and participation of the learns in the teaching learning process. It quicken the interest of the learns and motivate the young pupil to learn. Scratch make learning effective, inspirational and meaningful. It keeps the students attentive to the teaching and learning process.

I express my thanks to our senior Mr. Ashok Sen Kuptha, PGT, KV No1, Jalahalli west, Bangalore for their valuable suggestions, inspiring guidance and constant support.
M. S. sivakami (Computer faculty)
K V No.1 Jalahalli, Bangalore

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