Scratch, the programming language allows us to create stories, games & animations etc in a wonderful and interesting manner.

I have learnt to create beautiful art and apply animations, interesting games and interactive  stories in Scratch which seemed quite difficult initially, but  my teacher Saraswathi mam’s  help and guidance helped in understanding the concept, and it turned out to be really interesting that I was eager to create more and more projects.

Scratch is a excellent programming language which allows  young minds to show and present their imagination and creativity.   It is easy to work with , once the concept is grasped.

Few of my best projects were also uploaded to our school ‘s Scratch website by my computer mam. I was very happy to see it and I also showed it to my parents. I was glad that my efforts were encouraged and appreciated  by doing so.

Overall, Scratch is terrific and interesting.

By Nidhi G K

Class: 7 B

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