Scratch is computer programming language which I learnt this year was very interesting and new to me.  I like scratch because I can do many things animations, drawing, stories and also games.  I learnt about how to use all the types of blocks in Scratch and apply while creating a project.

It is also different from other programming languages because we need not remember the codes as they are readily available in Scratch.  We only have to put them the way we want to use it.

I have created few projects with my teacher’s guidance.  Few projects based on animations where I learnt how to move, rotate and apply animations to the sprites.  I was simple but interesting.

I  learnt how to change backgrounds, change the colour and shapes of sprites.

I also learnt how to create simple stories where sprites exchange dialogues between.  I also created educative projects by using slogans in it.  Now we are learning how to create games on our own, which I am finding very interesting as I like games very much.

I really had a great time using Scratch.

By Serene George

Class: 7 A

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